Lost – Day 8 : Choose Your Own Adventure


Click here for Day 1. There’s no other way to describe it outside of that Jesus and I are on a journey.  It’s like He pulled up to my house out the blue, opened the passenger side car door, and told me to jump in.  I have no clue where the heck we are going, but it feels good.  Honestly, there’s a bit of uneasiness, mixed with the excitement and wonder.  But an overwhelming sense of peace about it all.  I can totally contrast this with what I was feeling only a few short months ago.  Confusion, disappointment, anxiousness, low self-esteem, lack of motivation all plagued me at that time.  That’s when I began to realize I was lost.  Lost in the sea of life and no idea how to find my way back.  Somehow in the midst I paid attention to God’s nuding, this pulling for me “to go into the forest”.  God’s persistent ever-present call.  God is always calling out to us even if we are not paying attention.  There’s never a moment He stops and gives up.  And I’m not talking about salvation.  I’m talking about the journey.

Life has a way of overshadowing God’s voice.  Once we become adults in charge of our life’s decisions, we take life by the reigns and ride that thang.  Whatever we want to do, accomplish, buy, experience, we choose it.  We take ourselves on our own “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Choose Your Own Adventure is/was a series of books where in each story the reader makes choices in real time that determine the main character’s actions and the plot’s outcome.    It indeed is it’s own journey, but it has nothing to do with God.  It’s all you.  And yes, you can be a follower of Christ and do this.  It actually is the norm today.  If you ask someone on their own “Choose Your Own Adventure”, regarding could God not want that for you, they will give you the most perplexing look or the Kayne shrug.  That’s just not what Christians think or talk about these days from my perspective.  It’s either a logical decision or a desire motivated decision.  And if they do answer, it will be with a “Yes, yes I think He does.  Why wouldn’t He?” or a cliche expected response from the “christian handbook”.  I’m realizing now more than ever than we get lost in our choices, the adventure.  God is focused on something at a plane higher than your choices, but how we choose is reflective of how we view that plane God is on.  God’s desire is to mold us into His likeness.  The only way we can allow this process to occur is to surrender our will, desires and our choices to Him.  Surrender doesn’t mean our desires no longer exist.  We will always know what we want.  But the question of the hour is will you say to God, “Lord this is my desire, you already know how I feel and my thoughts, but I surrender my will to yours.”  We must give up our ability to choose and control and just let God drive.

Being in the passenger seat while God is driving doesn’t mean the scenery will be appealing or that I’ll like the ride at all.  It doesn’t mean that decisions and outcomes from now on will be a series of visible open doors.  It really doesn’t mean anything really from a outward perspective.  Allowing God to drive you around is an internal battle of your will vs His will.  I think that too often we will put God in the driver’s seat only to ride shotgun like a driver instructor.  A driver instructor feels safe because they know they can take control when a reckless opportunity presents itself.  So, we look at God like student driver now?  Someone that doesn’t know how to drive?  Hmmm…probably we are more like those scary wives that wish they had some level of control when their husbands are scaring the mess out of them.  Fear is always at the center.  Whether it’s the fear of not being in control or the fear my desire will be taken away from me or the fear of being put through something you don’t want to experience.  It’s still all the same.  And the “solution” is all the same as well.  You choose.  Because choosing your own adventure is better than Xanax or Valium combined.  It will calm that fear in no time.  We’ve been doing it for so long that you probably aren’t even conscious of it.  But as everyone knows….drugs have terrible side effects.  (cue commercial) “Side effects may cause nausea, diarrhea, stroke or even death.”  So instead of falling into our default mode of using our drug of choice (pun intended), God is calling us to take the journey with Him.  A road trip of all road trips.  God driving and we are in the back seat.

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